SILK Fluegge- Art performance

„7 easy tricks to manipulate your peeps in 40 minutes“

Premiere: 12.9.2020 in collaboration with Stadtwerkstatt Festival 48×6 MORE LESS

Methods of foreign and self-manipulation are studied and illuminated with likeable performer Jerca Rožnik Novak. The impressive world of guides, life-changing events, influencers, gurus and many more is traversed at an immense speed, which, at the same time, might seem like standing still. Is this a fountain of knowledge or disappointing peek behind the curtains? Is being unprepared scripted, or are we preparing ourselves to be unprepared? In a society where powerlessness objectively increases, subjects develop a defensive desire to regain power through manipulating others. The ego becomes small, disappears inside and resurfaces all-embracingly. What image does the mirror of manipulation offer? How do we successfully break out of a narcissistic cycle? How would you react? Do you put the balm on your soul or your lips? A 60-minute piece by SILK Fluegge under the artistic direction of Silke Grabinger created not only as a workshop performance, but also a lecture performance where audience and stage are separated


Concept, Idea, Choreography: Silke GrabingerPerformer, Choreography: Jerca Roznik Novak
Choreographic Advisor: Gergely Dudas
Dramaturgical Advisor: Ludwig Felhofer
Costumes: Bianca Fladerer, Jerca Roznik Novak
Video: Marina Sochor, Jerca Roznik Novak
Production Management: Sandra Eidenberger, Adelina Nita, Olga Swietlicka
Music: Ivan Shopov
English text translated by Adelina Nita
A production of SILK Fluegge in cooperation with Plesni Teater Ljubljana.
Supported by Linz Kultur, Land Oberösterreich and BKA. Friendly supported by Tabakfabrik Linz, Stadtwerkstatt Linz, Grüner Anker and Stadtpfarrkirche Urfahr.

Special thanks to: Boni Pajntar Plut, Dale Carnegie, Sam Feuerstein, Jean Smith, Katja Somrak, Klemens Hager