SILK Fluegge- Young Audience

"SI(E)SI" - 5 millimeters above the floor

Premiere: 25. Juni 2019 at Schäxpir Festival, Linz

“Si(e)Si” is not only a play about breakdance, but an examination of our own movement based on our gender identification. A dance-theater performance that intends to strengthen the position of women – as practiced by B-girls – in this society’s perception…

Project B-Girl Circle won the Women’s prize of the city of Linz in 2018.


Concept, Idea & Choreography: Silke Grabinger
Production: Sandra Krampelhuber
Production team: Adelina Nita, Sandra Eidenberger, Magdalena Schlesinger
Choreographical consultation: Gergely Dudás
Dramaturgical consultation: Ludwig Felhofer
Equipment & Costume design: Bianca Fladerer
Lighting design: Jan Derschmidt
Performers: Farah Deen, Jerca Rožnik Novak, Amabel Thomas, B-Girl Circle Performers