Društvo Matafir

Nihanje Nehanje

Premiere: 30.12.2020 online

Oscillation and Termination is an experimental film / project of a modern circus that explores the phenomenon of oscillation at different levels. From the literal, physical swaying and swaying and swinging of bodies and objects, through the metaphorical level of limping, hesitation, cinching, indecision, all the way to the linguistic levels, where the oscillation is reflected in ambiguity, repetition. Fluctuation is all around us. Life itself is a form of oscillation.


Perfromers: Tjaž Juvan, Oton Korošec, Jerca Rožnik Novak, Jaka Andrej Vojevec, Danijela Zajc, Eva Zibler
Directing: Jaka Andrej Vojevec
Music: Andrej Fon
Camera: Miloš Srdić
Video edditing: Maj Vadnjal
Production: Društvo Matafir
Co- financed by Mestna občina Ljubljana, oddelek za kulturo.