Enyer Ruiz


Premiere: 14. October 2015 at Posthof Linz

The dance piece THR3E is based on the term ” Connection”, the connection, which appears between two beings…  a man and a woman, a man and man, a mother and a child, you and a random person who is sitting in the bus next to you…. As long as it comes from both sides it can exist.
But what is it that brings two people closer?
Sometime one needs to go over the limits and habits to get into a level where the connection is based on common understanding and where compromises must be made. 

Strong connections is what we perceive but often we even cannot name it. But we feel that it exists! It is all about the two. The two are feeling the same vibes. The duo is about trust and doubt at the same time,  about holding and resisting, listening and ignoring, it is a constant meditation…. two bodies are going through the space, with the flow and letting the gravity do its work.


Choreography: Enyer Ruiz
Dancers: Enyer Ruiz & Jerca Rožnik Novak
Music: David Longa
Concept: Enyer Ruiz & Jerca Rožnik Novak
Fotos: Paul Schütz