“Smokey Hugs and Cappuccino”

Premiere: 8. April 2016 at KosmosTheater Wien

The smoke of a cigarette, a half full cup of cappuccino – a shabby cafe in the background – the city in darkness yet in light. The rushing red of a dress, the dragging of shoes on the danced-off stage… Here between smoke and cappuccino you embrace each other, fleeting or forever… and among them, our Jerca!


Choreographer: Gisela Elisa Heredia (ARG)
Dancers: Cäcilia Färber (DE), Elda Gallo (IT), Anna Possarnig (AUT), Jerca Rožnik Novak (SLO), Martin Wax (DE)
Assistant of Choreography: Denise Nguyen (AUT)
Produced by: tanz.coop collective