Premiere: 19. February 2015 at Dschungel Wien 

Everything should be wider, higher, bigger and somehow more.
What is it that pushes us forward and allows us to advance? What are our wishes? What urges and desires do we have? How much of these impulses comes from ourselves and where do we run after heteronomous trends? When do we need a push, that leads us to leave the beaten path and to outgrow ourselves? And when do we transgress limits? Using contemporary and urban movement material, the dancers explore the push-and-pull of daily routine, one’s own impuls, the manipulation of the other and being pushed. 

They also explore the  balance between safety and risk, positive and negative consequences and the attention we crave amidst the mental capitalism.Co- production from SILK Fluegge & DSCHUNGEL WIEN


Choreography: Silke Grabinger
Choreographic  Assistent: Olga Swietlicka Stage, Light Design: Jakob Wiesmayer Dramaturgy: Marianne Artmann Lights: Sebastian Meyer  Dancers: Jerca Rožnik Novak , Maartje Pasman, Matej Kubuš