Editta Braun Company


Premiere: 27. Februar 2014 at ARGEkultur Salzburg

Creating a place for the unpredictable, the accidental in our perfectly planned and pre-designed every day’s life, in our society’s rage of ruling and its mentality of coverage; upvaluing the intense living of the moment in the light of the insight into our proper existence’s finiteness: “vivre l’instant” as Frenchmen say;  pure present time in a world of merely boundless storage of the past by data handling und merely infinite prognosis of the future by computer simulation and prediction based on statistics.

A „guided“ choreography of the moment in which dancers and choreographer improvise together, „an instant choreography“ as a creative, unique live-dialogue between all the participants (including the public).

Surprise as a principle, spontaneity as a method, an extreme advertence for each other, a nearly intimate cooperation: The choreographer’s acclamations, which are far less indications than rather propositions („disobedience“ is explicitly allowed!), turn up – as do the music inputs – as spontaneous reactions on what is happening on stage. Playing is the device, „mistakes“ are allowed. „In the best case this makes happen positively magic things that you cannot stage.“ (Editta Braun)


Performers: Martyna Lorenc, Matan Levkowich, Jerca Rožnik Novak, Leon Marič
Composition: Thierry Zaboitzeff,
Lightdesign: Peter Thalhamer, instant choreography: Editta Braun