SILK Fluegge- Art Performance

“I will dance you till the end of…”

Performed at: MIMAMUSCH Festival fuer Kurztheater - F23 Wien

Performance for only one viewer. See yourself in the body of the other one!
„I will dance you till the end of..“ is part of the series “you sense me”, which deals with the spectator, his/her role in the performance and his/her body.
How does it feel to stand opposite oneself, to discover oneself as a possible version of self? How is it to question oneself as the self that could be, or could have been? In this intimate performance the performer appropriates the identity of the spectator and uses it. It may trigger irritation, wonder, but also deep thought on the intimacy and importance for identity of our face.

The spectator has the opportunity to see himself/herself in variations of gender and body, but also to see himself/herself in a new relationship to himself/herself and to ask his/her ‘other’ self questions. The field of tension spans from the partial reversal of the performer-spectator relation, to the mirror situation in which the mirror image is always a little distorted. Is it not so, that one tends to see oneself in the other? And that this projection allows for an amount of empathy?


Idea, Choreography, Performance: Silke Grabinger
Production manager,
Performance: Olga Swietlicka
Performance: Maximilian Bätz, Elias Buttinger, Veronika Cimborova, Gergely Dudas, Emil Felhofer, Michaela Hulvejová, Matej Kubuš, Jerca Rožnik Novak, Magdalena Schlesinger