Jerca Rožnik Novak & Leon Marič

”Hweōl…in the whirlwind of time”

Premiere: 8. September 2016 at Plesni Teater Ljubljana

Endless inner monologues, creating expectations, pressure, closeness, a touch, a glance, stories with no end … Order, chaos, circle. Circulation (of body) and waves (of music) are always in harmony; who or what is powered by who? Confrontation, leading to different states of exhaustion, at the same time creates an atmosphere in which one can get lost in … The orbit of the body is a circle, the body is Hweōl – a round device that revolves around its axis and drives things forward … What does it mean to remain an individual in the circulation and the eternal return, who determines our boundaries? Physical space, our own body, the observing other …

Seven spectators in the room, seven structures on the stage. Seven is a searcher, a thinker, constantly trying to understand the veiled truths, as the reality remains hidden behind the illusion. Seven is the vibration and energy of the collective consciousness, an intuition, a physical capacity, a manifestation of space and time …
Time is a flattened circle …
Theatre is a milky way, constantly circulated by those of us who want to go elsewhere …


Authorship, Choreography and Performance: Jerca Rožnik Novak, Leon Marič
Music and Performance: Kai Strobel
Soundtrack: Marc Strobel
Dramaturgy: Andreja Kopač
Costume Design: Sara Smrajc Žnidarčič
Lighting Design: Janko Oven
Producer: Katja Somrak
Produced by: Plesni Teater Ljubljana – Debut PTL 2016

The programme of Plesni Teater Ljubljana is subsidized by the Ministry of Culture RS and Municipality of Ljubljana, Department for Culture

Supported by: Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität / Anton Bruckner Private University for Music, Drama, and Dance
Thanks to: Veronika Valdés, Rose Breuss, Tomaž Štrucl, Lea Stroj, Branko Potočan, MGLC