SILK Fluegge - YOUNG Audience


Premiere: 08.October 2014 at Tabakfabrik Linz

About the (anti)fragility of human relations A urban youth dance theatre about the (anti)fragility of interhuman relations How do we react to the uncertainties and complexity of our time? Things have no constancy in our consumption society, they break and they are replaced again and again. Interhuman relationships have become more dynamic, everything seems possible. What is it though, that we aspire to? Love attachments break, traverse moments of crisis, find new strengths and points of reference.

Community is being pushed to the background in favor of a growing individualism. How do we deal with this constantly precarious situations? Do we become breakable and replaceable subjects? Do we look for new Values? Do we craft our personal super-me? Do we look for forms of antifragility? Are we forced to become better and stronger all the time?

„SILK Fluegge” deals with these questions in this particular dance theatre performance project. The young performers investigate their relationship to themselves, their stories and their experiences of vulnerability, observe their own reactions, in order to find their own version of antifragility. They lead the audience through a tangle of situations. With humor and surprising skills in the area of urban styles like breakdance, house and popping, they react to the constant demand of taking decisions and they let constantly new configurations of connections arise from their community.


Choreography and Concept: Silke Grabinger
Produktion Manager/ Choreographic Assistant: Olga Swietlicka
Dramaturgy: Angela Vadori
Vocal Coach, Video Cut -DVD: Magdalena Schlesinger
Light Design: Peter Thalhamer
Light technic: Jakob Wiesmayer
Video Projektion: Peter Thalhamer
Grafik Design, Fotografie: juliachange
Performance: Veronika Cimborova, Michaela Hulvejová, Valentin Kokalko Matej Kubuš, Jerca Rožnik Novak, Bartomiej Sawicki
Second cast: Elias Buttinger, Oleksandr Korolyov