2gether/Al(l)on- (on)line

Plesni Teater Ljubljana

Premiere: 29 March 2021 -

Plesni Teater Ljubljana- online
The performance tackles the idea of the necessity to keep things, people, situations,… the way they are or bring them back to the original state after they got shifted or broken. The necessity of replacing or bringing back the missing part or the missing person is shown through the engagement and support of the audience (people that came to watch the performance). The audience feels an urge to help in an emergency. They realize how important it is for Jerca to present the performance to them in its original form of a duet. In order to do so, the audience is asked to participate and become the absent dancer, Veronika. In this way, the solo becomes a duo with the audience.

Concept & Choreography: Jerca Rožnik Novak & Johannes Randolf
Performers: Jerca Rožnik Novak & Veronika
Video directing and Technical Advisor and Support: Enya Belak
Music: Matevž Kolenc
Costume Design: Andrej Vrhovnik
Dramaturgy: Urša Adamič
Lighting Design: Janko Oven
Acting Advice: Zala Ana Štiglic
Illustrations: Dora Benčevič
Technical support: Petra Hanzlíhová
Digital Veronika: Julija Pečnikar
Creative & Executive Producer: Katja Somrak
Realized in the framework of the European project Be SpectACTive! Supported by: THE CREATIVE EUROPE PROGRAMME OF THE EUROPEAN UNION